Moving wheeled loads without driving license

0 effort with electric tugs

Move your loads with more security


With the ProductInUse platform, your machine data is processed, analyzed and reformulated to allow you real-time monitoring. We value the utilisation of the machines by proposing a payment according to the number of hours of real utilisation. Designed in the form of social media, this platform creates a performance community connecting all the players of the machine (machine, operators, suppliers and technicians).


HANLING : moving a heavy loads

Leanlog Solutions propose its expertise and advices, to respond in the best way to your problem of handling heavy load. Electric push tractors, or motorized drawbars, are essential tools, without a license, to increase the productivity of the companies by reducing the costs and the hardness of the work. Our machines can be combined with handling robots, type AGV, which promote value-added tasks for employees and reduce repetitive time-wasting.

  • Jusqu'à 3 tonnes

    Jusqu'à 3 tonnes

    Handling solutions adapted to small tonnages.

  • Jusqu'à 10 tonnes

    Jusqu'à 10 tonnes

    Powerful manual and / or autonomous handling solutions.

  • Jusqu'à 30 tonnes

    Jusqu'à 30 tonnes

    Solutions dedicated to the health sectors: moving beds, dining trolleys, rolls of laundry, ....

  • Spécial Santé

    Spécial Santé